Saturday, March 19, 2011

MF Gallery 40 oz Exhibition


Lawrence Van Abbema, Mike Bell, Cory Benhatzel, Christine Benjamin, John Stuart Berger, Eric Bleich, Stephen Blickenstaff, Scott Boilard, Alexandre Boisseau, Dave Brockie, Fernando Carpaneda, Daniel Caspera, Shawn Conn, Jono Doiron, Erica Doll, Mary Doyle, Feightner, Missy Feigum, Rudy Fig, Kirsten Flaherty, Bob Gorman, Christina Graf, Political Gridlock, Nathan Groppe, Peter Gunn, Jaz Harold, Scott Holloway, Annie Hunter, Jevin June, Luis "Zimad" Lamboy, Brianna Lengel-Bail, Mike Maas, Enrico Macchiavello, Sean Madden, Matt Maguire, Drew Maillard, Greg Maillard, Erika Jane Mallette, Sara Antoinette Martin, Tara McPherson, Valery Milovic, Corrie Monson, Michael Lee Nirenberg, O_O, Mitch O'Connell, Broke One, Annette E. Padilla, Pyro Painter, Bianca Panzram, Our Lady Of Perpetual PMS, Lisa Petrucci, Matthew Pleva, Pasquale Reca, Jake Remington, Eric "Eyeball" Richardson, Peter Rodriguez, Alexa Rose, Lou Rusconi, John Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Frank Russo, Scarecrowoven, Dan Scheckler, Aarti Sharma, Smitty, Adam Suerte, Aaron Tompkins, Vahge, RT Vegas, Glenn Wernig….

…These and many more of today’s best Underground Artists have been asked to customize a 40oz Beer Bottle in any way they see fit. Many of the artists have made their own label, thus creating their “own brand” of beer. Many have painted the bottles or collaged onto them. Many others have completely transformed the bottles into sculptures and art objects.

The Opening Party, on Saturday March 19th (7-10pm) will be a Cash & Carry event, meaning that buyers will be able to take their purchase home that same night. Prices start at only $40, making the art affordable to all collectors!

As a special treat on Opening Night, MF Gallery will also be selling Limited Edition Collector’s “MF 40’s”. These bottles will be full of beer, which can be consumed at the party, or taken home to be enjoyed at a later date.
In addition to plenty of beer, refreshments will be served, and punk/heavy metal music will be blasted! Most of the artists will be in attendance. Admission is free and open to all ages... 21+ to drink.


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