Saturday, March 21, 2009

just discovered my painting in this weeks WoMag! :) pick one up!

Thanks Worcester Magazine!

I was telling a friend that another friend of mine (Brian Burris) is in the womag this week. (womag: short for worcester magazine for you non locals ) She picked up some subs and came back with a womag. I thought his article was in the back so we turned the pages for the back forward. Suprise! We find my pick in the INDIE BILLBOARD

The Indie Billboard is a designated spot for visual artists located in the "Night and Day" section of the zine. Its run by Doreen Manning.

I dont know why but the webpage is empty for some reason but if you pick up a copy just about anywhere in worcester you will see one of the two paintings that is right now in transit to Berlin Germany's Strychnin Gallery. (that was one sentence)

These two works will be on display in the Vault the night of the Open Reception for a new show called "WHALELESS"

Monday, March 16, 2009

I just shipped these two paintings to Strychnin Gallery today. I had them both framed as a set on the chance someone wants both of them. Hey, it could happen.
They should be arriving just in time for their next opening reception on the 27th.

I'll blog about the details of this show sat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Sacred Heart Series

I just sold a painting in La Luz de Jesus Gallery 's annual show "Everything But the Kitschen Sync" and that has sparked a new sale of another one of my "Sacred Heart" series paintings. It seems that someone went to the reception and saw my work and liked it enough to search me out and email me about other work.

I am psyched to say that I may have another sale sparked from this show! She asked me what else I had from this series. She picked out another painting called "Sacred Heart". (sorry for the lack of imaginative titles)

I just realized that this painting that she is interested in is the one that is going to be in the encyclopedia. (see prior blog)
Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler’, is an encyclopedia in german language of artists working in the fantastic, surrealistic, visionary, fantasy and symbolic style. I believe they got the image off the Beinart Internatinal Sureal Art Collective. If you look at my profile on that site I have an outdated version of this painting that I have since added a halo behind the heart. (you can scroll through these images to see it in progress)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is happy the painting in LA sold!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can't wait for my receptions in Worcester and LA tomorrow night!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me in an Encyclopedia!!!

I will be getting published again!! This is a BIG DEAL for me because I feel like I am officially an artist and will leave some sort of mark in history. I feel a little more respected. A little more "street cred" if you will. I was just recently published in "20 Artists of Worcester" by Scott Erb and Julie Grady

Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler’, is an encyclopedia in german language of artists working in the fantastic, surrealistic, visionary, fantasy and symbolic style. This book is a truely huge project with 1,000 artist included from 60 countries!

It will be on sale very soon for € 62 = 78.4424 U.S. dollars. If you look at the site under "B" you will see one of my friends Jon Beinart. I love his "Toddlerpeds".

I hope to own one some day. He runs a site that I am a part of called Beinart Internatinal Sureal Art Collective. This site has a lot to offer like upcomming event posts, artist oppertunities for show, forums and profiles. I believe that I was found by the author of the book through this site so I feel I owe Jon Kudos.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Optical Illlusion

This is a video of my painting of "Time & Nature". The painting is not framed but the framed prints that I have do not seem to create this affect. The frame must stop this from happening I guess.
Here is a better look at the image.

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