Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me in an Encyclopedia!!!

I will be getting published again!! This is a BIG DEAL for me because I feel like I am officially an artist and will leave some sort of mark in history. I feel a little more respected. A little more "street cred" if you will. I was just recently published in "20 Artists of Worcester" by Scott Erb and Julie Grady

Lexikon der Phantastischen K√ľnstler’, is an encyclopedia in german language of artists working in the fantastic, surrealistic, visionary, fantasy and symbolic style. This book is a truely huge project with 1,000 artist included from 60 countries!

It will be on sale very soon for € 62 = 78.4424 U.S. dollars. If you look at the site under "B" you will see one of my friends Jon Beinart. I love his "Toddlerpeds".

I hope to own one some day. He runs a site that I am a part of called Beinart Internatinal Sureal Art Collective. This site has a lot to offer like upcomming event posts, artist oppertunities for show, forums and profiles. I believe that I was found by the author of the book through this site so I feel I owe Jon Kudos.


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