Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks Worcester Magazine!

I was telling a friend that another friend of mine (Brian Burris) is in the womag this week. (womag: short for worcester magazine for you non locals ) She picked up some subs and came back with a womag. I thought his article was in the back so we turned the pages for the back forward. Suprise! We find my pick in the INDIE BILLBOARD

The Indie Billboard is a designated spot for visual artists located in the "Night and Day" section of the zine. Its run by Doreen Manning.

I dont know why but the webpage is empty for some reason but if you pick up a copy just about anywhere in worcester you will see one of the two paintings that is right now in transit to Berlin Germany's Strychnin Gallery. (that was one sentence)

These two works will be on display in the Vault the night of the Open Reception for a new show called "WHALELESS"


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