Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Ides of March" Solo Exhibition at Secret Society Gallery

"Ides of March"

"Burning Heart"
"Three Graces"
"Merry Thoughts, Tempus"

Ides of March: Icons by Scott Holloway
Secret Society Gallery
116 Water Street
Worcester, MA
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March 4 through May 7
Holloway's solo-exhibition, Ides of March, is an intimate showing of new iconographic paintings within his signature oeuvre: dismembered limbs and internal organs imbued with messages associated with Spring - the tensioned balance between life and death, sin and redemption, and the hope for renewed transformation and love. The new work is a continuation and expansion upon concepts found in his previous major series, the contemplative and reductive: Holy Relics, Adam, and Sacred Heart.

The new paintings include Ides of March an image of a realistically depicted human heart in posterior view penetrated with military dagger that references the concept of betrayal and love, a theme extending from the Sacred Heart series that is deeply personal to the artist. The elegant Three Graces, honors the ancient goddess of charm, beauty, and creativity. The models in this painting are personal friends of the artist. The work is a modern iconified amalgamation inspired by two Renaissance paintings: Sandro Bottellici’s the Three Graces (in detail) from the allegorical painting Primavera (1492), and Raphael’s The Three Graces (ca.1503-1505), in nude, holding three apples. Holloway refashions the goddess, removing their soft identity as dancing ephemeral beings and reunifies them, appendages only, with modern traits, in solid camaraderie, placed in powerful triad formation as companions in a cause, protectors of the sacred apple of abundance.
-J Fatima Martins

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