Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quadrant Fantacy

April 1st will be a new show in Saeby Denmark! "Quadrant Fantasy" is a show put on by Fantasmus and Strychnin Gallery. The entire show is 12"x12" images which is great for me because that is the size I usually work in. This show has 47 artists from all around the world who deal in Surrealism and the Fantastic.

Here is the painting that I have in the show.

"Three Wise Men"

This image was created using three of my friends that posed for me. They are Bobby Gadoury, Tom Spears and Geoffrey Watson Oehling. All three are musicians that play at Nick's.

On show:
Katarina ALI · Annie BERTRAM · David M. BOWERS · Claus BRUSEN · Val DYSHLOV · Francois ESCALMEL · Magda FRANCOT · Andreas N. FRANZ · Kaelen GREEN · Linda GROEN · Gene GUYNN · Michaël HIEP · David HOCHBAUM · Scott HOLLOWAY · Tommas JØRGENSEN · Lisa Mei LING FONG · LukÁŠ KÁNDL · Steven KENNY · Richard KIRK · Dirk LARSEN · Edith LEBEAUGary LIPPENCOTT · Micha LOBI · LUDMILA · Ver MAR · Bethany MARCHMAN · William McDERMITT · Ansgar NOETH · Voytek NOWAKOWSKI · Peter van OOSTZANEN · Jose PARRA · Marcus POSTON · Tim ROOSEN · José ROOSEVELT · Lee Harvey ROSWELL · David STOUPAKIS · Yu SUGAWARA · Carsten SVENNSON · Daniël van NES · Raf VEULEMANS · Cas WATERMAN · Cliff WALLACE · Mark WILKINSON · Patrick WOODROFFE · Rodbney WOOD · Olivier ZAPPELLI · Chet ZAR


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