Sunday, March 28, 2010

Open Studio

The show at Perihelion Arts Gallery will be really great! In this show I will have my first piece of jewelry I have ever been part of creating. Along with an artist friend of mine Sarah Brueck, I think we created something quite crazy! I love it!
I had a private party/open house event the other night. I wanted everyone of my friends to get the chance to see the show that I am having in Phoenix before I shipped it out. I have my first major solo show at Perihelion Arts GalleryI used these lables on my beer bottles and my wine bottles. They looked really cool on the beer but the wine bottles looked so good they were fooling people. Most people only saw the wine at first because it was out and they didn't realize until they saw my drawing on the wall.

I think the only wine bottle shots are on my cellphone. I guess they will come latter. but here is the top of the bottles with my chop.

This is my hand model for "Claddagh II" The lovely Nicole was gracious enough to pose with the work.


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