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Corpus Illuminata, Detroit

Corpus Illuminata ~ An Anatomic Interpretation

In the Evening of the 12th and 13th Day of August 2011, it will be unveiled an extraordinary exposition of biological and medical exploration entitled Corpus Illuminata - An Anatomic Interpretation. Hosted within the District VII Gallery in Detroit, this unique event will consist of one part exhibition of anatomic-inspired artwork, one part museum of medical antiquities and one part academia of accredited presentations.

The exhibition portion will feature 33 artistic explorations from 24 artists local and across the nation. Within the museum portion, collectors of Victorian-era medical instruments, quackery and oddities will bring together their cherished pieces to re-create themed display rooms ranging from surgical to mortuary. On stage, various speakers will present and discuss a variety of topics that include human anatomy, psychology, the history of contraception, the chemistry of herbal supplements and other intriguing subject matters.

Video installations within the venue will be feature films and videos ranging from historical medical experimentations, human autopsies, artistic interpretations and more. The ambiance is supplied by Life Toward Twilight from the new CD "I Swear By All The Flowers", which explores memories from the end of the Nineteenth Century through a sound collage from antique sources, including music boxes, ticking grandfather clocks, steam trains, wax cylinder recordings, early mechanical factories and old voices. Also, gelatos, gelato floats and flavored teas, courtesy of the Detroit Tea Company, will be served within our apothecary-themed health bar.

The doors open at 6pm on both evenings until midnight and all ages are welcome, however discretion must be advised due to some graphic medical content.

Admission is only five dollars.

We do hope you join us.

Corpus Illuminata ~ An Anatomic Interpretation
August 12 & 13 2011 - District VII Gallery - Detroit

District VII Gallery, 2690 Wight Street, Detroit, MI 48207


Corpus Illuminata Artists

Allison Gardiner (MI)
Ash Sivils (TN)
Ashley Marnich (MN)
Aunia Kahn (IL)
Colm McCarthy (WI)
Danielle Rittenhouse (NM)
Eve Noir (MI)
Jack O. Summers (MI)
Joseph Ferraro (MI)
Jello Jeff Hocking (MI)
Ken Hales (WA)
Kim Hoxworth (MI)
Lindsey Harnish (MI)
Mariandra X (OH)
Mike Dereniewski (MI)
Paige Reynolds (Canada)
Ryan LaVoisin (MI)
Scott Holloway (MA)
Spilt Sugar (MA)
Tim Pewe (MI)
Tradd Featherstone (MI)
Shanta Ambady (MI)
Vincent Castiglia (NY)


Corpus Illuminata Presenters (w/scheduled time each night)

8pm md 20/20 "The Human Anatomy" - MD, Wayne State School of Medicine

9pm Meghann Murray "The Chemistry of Herbal Supplements" - Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Detroit Mercy

10pm Kristine Diven "The History of Psychiatry" - Owner of District VII Gallery, Artist Photographer & Medical Antiquity Collector

11pm Lianna Trimble "Contraception: Accident vs. Intention" - Artist & Student of Historical Science & Medicine, Oakland Community College


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