Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the 13th!

ART THAT CREEPS was just released in Germany at Strychnin Gallery on Friday the 13th. (only seems appropriate) This is the first internationally distributed book that I am proud to be included in.
There are a bunch of really great artists included in this hard cover book. Some of these artists I am proud to say are friends and have shown with them too. It is available at Amazon for anyone in the states or at the book publishers site Korero Books where you can scroll and look at a couple of pages (mine not included)

Here are some descriptions of the book,

"Neo-gothic visual energy and inspiration from the worlds of lowbrow and neo-surrealism. Featuring artists from all corners of the globe working in oil, digital, sculpture, engraving, porcelain, taxidermy and photography. Among the art featured are the digital renderings of Natalie Shau, the hauntingly disturbed photographs of John Santerineross and the monstrous paintings of Chet Za" ... Korero Books

"Strychnin Gallery and Korero Books are proud to announce the release of “Art that Creeps” – a new book showcasing young artists from around the world who work in traditional and not so traditional techniques and genres. Highlighting a selection of artists who eschew the cold, minimalist aesthetic that afflicts contemporary art, this book explores the truly sinister, hyper-real, and riotous blend of pop culture, fine art, and surrealism that is Neo-Gothic art. Associated with punk and dark fantasy, yet distinct from both, these risk-taking artists are represented with a selection of hundreds of amazing paintings from the U.S. and European Neo-Gothic scene. Yasha Young, the owner and gallerist of Strychnin Gallery, is the general editor of the book and wrote the foreward.

The artists featured in the book are: Jason Shawn Alexander, Wayne Martin Belger, Annie Bertram, Marina Bychkova, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Jan Czerwinski, Leslie Ditto, Melissa Forman, Naoto Hattori, Scott Holloway, Aunia Kahn, Richard Kirk, Ver Mar, Michael Page, Chris Peters, Michael Ryan, John Santerineross, Natalie Shau, David Stoupakis, Daniel Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, Madeline Von Foerster, and Chet Zar." ..... Strychnin Gallery Blog

For any local people, I am working on a release party of my own with a book signing. (Still in the works though) hopefully more to come on this subject. :)


Thea Schultheiss November 15, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

This book rocks! I got my copy straight from Korero books. Everone one in it is amazing and stuitably creepy! Congrats on your contribution.

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